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 If you are ready to start your backyard herbalist journey but don’t know where to start, you are in the right spot!

My first few years as an herb gardener were wild and a bit unhinged but I learned so much. I’d like you to join me as I show you how to plan a successful herb garden!


Knowing herbs starts with growing herbs and you’re going to need a customized plan so your herbs work for you! Even if you don’t have a big yard or a lot of space you can grow your own herbs.

I’ll teach you how to do this in Your Garden Your Herbs!


You’ll learn

  • why you need a garden plan to be a successful backyard herbalist

  • How to pick the right herbs for your needs.

  • How to figure out what herbs you really need.

  • How to choose herbs that you can actually grow.

  • How to plan a customized herb garden for you and your family


If you’re going to grow your own herbs, make sure you’re growing the right ones for you. Let me help you do this!


It is not too late to get your herb garden up and running, check out Your Garden Your Herbs to get started now!

Let your garden work for you, think about what you really need.

This course was created to show you how to pick the right herbs to plant in your medicinal herb garden.

You will walk away with an achievable list of herbs so you can plant a successful herb garden!

It will help you to successfully turn your herb garden in to a useful living medicine kit!

Before you head out to buy your garden herbs you need to check this out! Sign up today!


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