Welcome to Melissa and Yarrow where you learn to grow your healing garden, create herbal preparations and put herbs into practice from your own backyard...

...even if you're too busy!

Join others as they become backyard herbalists, (even if they're lazy gardeners or busy people) with the 8 day Your garden, Your herbs Challenge!


Whether you're a lazy gardener like me, or a busy person (also like me) you can become a backyard herbalist.

Growing a healing garden for your actual needs doesn't have to be hard. And maintaining that garden can also be a breeze, if you have the right tools and knowledge.

And learning to use the herbs you grow is achievable when you have the right community and resources. 

Learning the right herbs for you may seem overwhelming but I'm here to help!

I'm Melissa, a backyard herbalist and a lazy gardener and I've been growing and using my own backyard herbs for over 10 years now.

Here's how I can help...


Are you thinking about starting your own medicinal herb garden? Have a long list of herbs but you're not sure what to do next? Join the Your Garden, Your Herbs today! This is course is available for a limited time!



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HOme Care for Burns

Ready to start using herbs on injuries at home? With step by step instructions use this cheat sheet to soothe your burns using herbs!


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I'm Melissa a backyard herbalist, lazy gardener and a busy wife and mother. I've been using herbal remedies for over 10 years and have been growing my garden to provide for those herbal remedies for over 7 years. I've made many mistakes and I've had many successes and every experience has been worth it! I'm on a mission to bring out the backyard herbalist in everyone who feels the calling, come with me and join the community!