Below are the tools I use in my studies and practice. I hope you are able to reference this and find tools that will help you as you continue to learn more about herbalism!

Here are some of my recommended books! These are affiliate links but I want to make it easy for you to find the books quickly. 

These are the books I love! I reference them often and would be so lost without them! I’ve used them to build so much of my knowledge and I hope they can help you on your herbal journey.



These books are good to think about what herbs you may like to have in your herb garden. With good tips on how to grow them.



These are books have a wide array of information in them. They are good references for learning about the properties of herbs and how to create your own herbal concoctions. Some help with identification as well!



Tools of the Trade

Here are some of the tools I use in the kitchen when cooking up my home remedies. These are affiliate links but mostly, I just want you to be able to actually see what I use.

Notes: This is the cheesecloth I use. It’s a large amount and since I go through it quickly I prefer it than to buying less at a grocery store. I love having the small strainer  on hand, fits nicely into the jars. This is the French Press I use for my infusions, it’s very convenient. I’ve listed two Vitamin E Oils one is quite expensive but the best quality. The other one’s work just fine for preservation. Both cheese graters work great, I like having a separate one from the one I use for cheese. The tea towels have many uses, I chop them up to smaller sizes and use them to wrap poultices or if I’ve run out of cheesecloth. This is also the scale I use it’s nice for measuring beeswax or dried herbs!


I also get get my ingredients from a few different places. (not affiliate links)

Bulk Apothecary ~ I get my butters and specialty oils here.

Sunburst Bottle ~ I get my amber bottles and other containers here. After shopping around the tend to have the best prices.

Mountain Rose Herbs ~ I get different bulk herbs from them if I don’t have them on hand for some reason or another.