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Hi! I'm Melissa. I have spent the past umpteen years getting to where I am just to leap again into something so old to me and yet so new and exciting!

I dream of large secret gardens, filled with herbs to heal every wound and food to fuel our lives. Prairies and Kansas sunsets. A large kitchen where I can create herbal remedies and preserve the food we grow. And a life full of outdoor adventures and weekends camping!

I have worked in health care for many years. Starting from the ground up. From Nurses Aid to Registered Nurse. With each step I hoped for a change, I hoped the way the care was delivered could change. I hoped I could make a difference in the way we care for the patients that cross our paths.

Don't get me wrong, we in the health care field, on all levels, make a difference. However, I have come to believe I've been called to make a change outside the confines of the popular health care system. 

Through the education of myself, my family and others on the use of herbs for health and well being, I believe I can make a change. There are so many important parts to preventative care and there are many wonderful educators out there that cover the many sides of health care. I, myself, have been called to herbalism.

I'm married to a wonderful man who reluctantly trusts my home remedies and is still amazed that each one works. We have two beautiful boys that light up our world. They are the reason I want to make a change in this world. I believe the best way to make any change is to teach the next generation. 

I love to spend my time learning to live simple and frugal. I love teaching others the wonders of herbalism. And I love that as a family we are learning together to live closer to nature and God.