do you want to create your own herbal first aid kit?

Build your kit. Expand your first aid knowledge. Learn your herbs and find wellness blooming all around you!

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This is not a giant list of suggested herbs that should go in your kit.

It is a course that tells you exactly what to put in your kit, why it belongs there and how to use it!

Create the Remedies

You’re ready to embrace herbal remedies but you’re not sure where to start or what remedies you should put in your kit.

I understand how hard it is to figure this stuff out. With step by step directions, get hands on in this course and make remedies you will use with confidence.

You can create these remedies in the little time you have. I'll show you how.  


Learn your Herbs

You want to use herbs that you have on hand or can find easily. And you want to know how to use them to their fullest. You don’t want another list of 100 herbs to hunt down.

You will gain in-depth knowledge about a focused set of herbs in this course, why they belong in this kit and what you can do with them!

Expand your Knowledge

You have a Pinterest board full of recipes, you may have even made a few, but now what?

With the practical step by step process in this course, you will make and use the remedies in the kit you build.

You will gain the skills to choose the correct remedy, correct dose and correct situation. 

After this course you will remember to grab the remedies you've made!


Want a taste of what's to come?

embrace herbal remedies today!

This is a 6 week course, shot straight to your email. When you sign up for the course you'll get...

  • Printable info sheets on each herb we study.
  • Recipe cards for all the recipes we work through.
  • Step by step instructions on how to add herbal remedies to first aid care.
  • Remedy cook day plans, to help you find the time to create the remedies you need.
  • Complete guidance on building an herbal first aid kit.
  • Tips on making your kit sustainable and locally sourced.

We focus on four herbs in this course. Four very powerful herbs that can help in many different situations. A simple kit that handles multiple situations. 


Use local supplies to build a natural first aid kit.

Learn the skills you'll need to keep resupplying the kit even in the toughest situations.

Discover the resources available to you, right now, in your own community. 


No exotic, hard to find or grow herbs in this kit.

No need to spend large amounts of money purchasing supplements, essential oils, specialty creams and the like.

Build your kit with powerful herbs and items that you have easy access to.

Not to mention the money you can save by caring for yourself with what you already have on hand. 


A step by step, informative and easy to complete course.

Through focused skills, simple herbal remedies and basic first aid education, you will learn to build and use a natural first aid kit.

After this course you may want to dig deeper into herbalism but you don't have to if that's not for you. 

This course can stand alone to make you better prepared to care for your family.  


The knowledge in this course is unlike any other.

Not only do we walk through how to make the remedies in the time you have, but I will teach you how to decide which remedy you should use and when you should use it.

This is not a course you will soon forget.

The skill and knowledge base in this course will become second nature as you take control of the health in your home. 


Who am I anyway?

Hi, I’m Melissa! I have spent years figuring out a process that would make using herbal remedies in my life second nature. I've built too many herbal first aid kits to mention and I’ve been lost in my kitchen many hours while perfecting the remedies I want to keep on hand.

Over these years of trial and error I’ve finally created a foundation to work from and a routine that keeps my kit stocked and my herbs ever ready to use. Little by little, I’ve transitioned away from relying totally on modern medicine, to learning to care for myself and my beautiful family from a more natural, self sustainable way.

That is what this course is about. With a kit in place and knowledge of a few basic herbs and remedies, little by little, you can shift to a self sufficient, natural way of maintaining wellness in your household.


Calling all novice herbalists and family care takers! the time is now to gain security and self sufficiency. Build your herbal first aid kit today!

I’m Ready to Build My Kit!