add an herbal step to your first aid care.

Herbal remedies for common first aid events around the home or out in nature. A digital guide that gives step by step instructions on how to deal with first aid accidents with the added bonus of using herbal remedies to help soothe the ailment!

Think Quick and Grab an Herb!

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In this book you'll learn...

  • How to deal with 6 basic first aid accidents from start to finish.

  • What herbs are best for each accident.

  • How to use the herbs we discuss in this book.

  • What to do if you are away from a first aid kit.

And so much more!

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What Readers are saying

"It was very informative and drawing. Sometimes it will take me a while to read through something, but this was interesting, as it is something we face daily. " AMy S.

" Understandable and covers a lot in a short amount of time." Kim r.

Take control of your health and safety!

We all need a little help sometimes.

Whether you are in the kitchen or out in nature bumps, bruises, burns and more happen. With this book as your guide and resource you will be able to handle common accidents using the herbal plants you already have around you.

I know it is hard when you are just starting out to remember just what plants to use for what, but with this book you'll have a base to jump off of. It covers the most common ailments we run into in our day to day lives and pairs them with the most accessible herbs that will work to begin the healing process.

While this book is power packed with direct information that is easy to read and straight to the point, you may not have time to get through it all as quickly as you'd like. That's why, as a bonus, I created quick reference printables, to post on your fridge. You'll have the information at your finger tips when you need it!

This book includes...

Printable guides for hanging at home or placing in your first aid kit on the go.

Recipes to prepare for first aid situations.

Photos of each herb mentioned in this book to help with identification.

And so much more!


Who am I anyway?

Hi, I’m Melissa! I have spent years figuring out a process that would make using herbal remedies in my life second nature. I've built too many herbal first aid kits to mention and I’ve been lost in my kitchen many hours while perfecting the remedies I want to keep on hand.

Over these years of trial and error many remedies have become second nature to me and my family. Little by little, I’ve transitioned away from relying totally on modern medicine, to learning to care for myself and my beautiful family from a more natural, self sustainable way.

In this book I share with you ways that I add herbs into my first aid routine. These skills can become second nature to you too!

You need this in your life!