Personal responsibility.

As you move through this herbal journey I will be here to help wherever, however I can but you must also be ready to help yourself. I wrote a very impassioned, important post on personal responsibility that you can find here.

The mission of this membership is to bring herb gardens and home apothecaries back into the home along with a home herbalist to use them.

As I talked about in the safety section, there can be a lot of fear that comes with using herbs but you can break through this by gathering good information from trusted resources.

In this section I’m going to cover what topics you need to take responsibility for.


Your health

Herbs alone will not fix all of your problems. Herbs can aid in many different ways to help you maintain or improve your health but you must also see the big picture.

Herbs are not magic pills, there really is no magic pill to fix all that ails you. It will take work no matter what.

You need to be aware of what you are eating and how it is affecting you. Adding herbs to your diet can help but you must find a diet that works for you. Everyone is different and every diet or way of eating will work differently for each person. My only recommendation on diet is to start reducing the processed foods you eat.

Maybe you can lose weight eating all Slimfast has to offer but overly processed foods will wreak havoc on your body. Being healthy is not about what you weigh but instead how you feel, your energy levels, how often you get ill and such.

You need to get active! I personally don’t subscribe to the idea of a daily workout that is an hour long. It doesn’t fit into my schedule, it doesn’t make me feel better and it doesn’t seem to have any actual advantage for me. Instead I try to move all day in many ways. This is possible even if you have a sedentary job. I won’t go to deep into this way of moving but you should definitely check out Katy Bowman at Nutritious Movements and Jen Hoffman over at The work of Katy Bowman, that inspired Jen Hoffman, is a way of incorporating movement into every corner of your life and so much more. Maybe someday I’ll have an hour a day to work out but I will probably always choose to stack my day using that hour to garden while getting in a work out.

You need to be aware of your mental state. We are all over stressed, overworked and overwhelmed! Or well, at least I am. Finding a flow, a balance, a routine whatever you want to call it, is important to your health. It will make incorporating good eating, movement and herbal habits into your life a lot easier. And it will keep you healthy.

If you don’t take the time to check in with yourself, time to do things that make you happy, things that fill your soul, you will not find wellness. This may be the hardest thing to work out but it is one of the most important things. Find something you love and make the time to do it. And when you check into Katy Bowman listen when she talks about stacking her life. It is a wonderful method to live by.

Paying attention to your daily habits is your responsibility if you are not willing to put in the work to care for your whole body herbs are not going to do much good.  

Don’t rely on others.

This is a big one that spans far and wide. You shouldn’t rely on the grocery store for your food, FEMA or the government to save you in a disaster or your doctors to fix you.

I could go into how I feel that the health care system is broken and maybe that is what has brought you here, but you can read about that in the post.

What I will say is we put way to much on our doctors. One person cannot possibly know it all and they certainly cannot do it all for us. A person should never go to a doctor and expect them to fix them.

Unfortunately doctors aren’t taught much about nutrition so they rarely give good advice in that area. And that is a very important area when it comes to healing. Even when they do give wonderful advice some people would rather keep up their bad habits and expect a pill that will fix it all.

This is where personal responsibility comes in. You cannot expect the health care system to fix you if you are not willing to put in some work yourself. I know it is hard and if our system was better, it would focus on helping us through these hard things instead of passing out pills.

That is where alternative medicine and herbalism come in.  These practices look at the whole person in a way that our modern healthcare system does not.

Know what you can handle

Now that I’ve bashed the healthcare field let me send you back to them ;)

This membership is built to help you handle simple imbalances and illnesses at home using the herbs you can get your hands on. I am not here to teach you to how set a broken bone or how to treat a third degree burn. These things are where our healthcare system is amazing.

Somewhere along the way, the line between taking care of ourselves at home and seeking medical help became blurred. Because of this we are afraid to take care of ourselves and have lost the knowledge to do so. And we have over taxed the healthcare system by relying on them for EVERYTHING.

Finding the separation of what you are capable of handling at home and what is an emergency and should be taken to a professional, is your responsibility. I cannot tell you where your line is but I can tell you you can handle more than you think.

I want to give so many examples here but they would require more information and I don’t want to overload you. To get a feel for what I mean be sure you check out the Common Herbal Ebook.

Patience and knowledge will help you become more confident in what you can handle and how long to give it until you seek help. If you ever feel like something is beyond your knowledge don’t hesitate to seek help.

Know what you are doing

Like I said above, knowledge will lead to confidence. Take the time to understand the terms used in herbalism. Get to know one plant at a time and use it. Pay attention to warnings about certain herbs. Understand the correct way to process and preserve your herbs and remedies. Trust that you’ve got this but be sure to take the time to know what you are doing.

If you are ever attempting to use an herb and it doesn’t seem to be working it is ok to seek further help. Ask questions of people you trust. Refer to your resource books as needed. Start small, with simple things and experience how amazing these herbs are. Always keep learning and don’t cherry pick what you want to know, look at the whole picture!

There are amazing herbalists out there, amazing books and online resources, and a growing community of knowledgeable home herbalists out there to help you. You’ve got this!