Melissa and Yarrow Membership

Melissa and Yarrow's Free membership is a resource for all backyard and budding herbalists. If you have ever struggled to find good information on identifying plants, learning more about herbs, growing your own herbs, creating remedies, or nearly anything else herbal, then this is a tool you need.

Get a taste with the free version and stay tuned for the opening of the COMPREHENSIVE full membership option!  

Our Mission: Our mission is to inspire, encourage and educate budding herbalists as the begin growing their own herb gardens, building their home apothecary’s and using herbs in the daily lives of themselves and their family’s.

Our Goal: The goal of the Melissa and Yarrow membership is to get 2000 herb gardens and home apothecary’s along with herbalists to use them by the year 2020.

We choose to follow our mission and meet this goal by building this membership and growing it at every turn so YOU will have access to the knowledge you need to make herbs a part of your daily life with ease. So come on in in and join us!


Free Membership Includes

  • Access to a download library full of free printable resources to help you along your herbal journey.

  • Plant profiles list with multiple information sheets on herbs you should know.

  • Plant identification library with ample photos in all stages of growth on many herbs that you can find out in nature to your own back yard.

  • Herbal terms library a long resource for the many terms you'll run across while on your herbal journey.


 Full Membership Includes

  • Access to all the free membership goodies.

  • Even more Plant Profiles and Plant ID’s that are exclusive to the full membership.

  • Intro to Herbalism course so you can start your herbal journey on the right foot!

  • Video’s that walk you through how to create remedies, harvest herbs, grow your garden, build your apothecary and so much more!

  • Recipes to help you build your apothecary.

  • Access to new courses as they are added that are in line with our mission to put herb gardens and apothecary’s back in homes along with herbalists to use them!

  • Access to our members only Facebook group where there will be live videos and challenges that get you using herbs.

  • You will find written and recorded information in this membership along with connections through access to me and through the Facebook group.

New information will be added to the membership nearly every month. You'll also be added to my monthly newsletter by signing up. AND you can always pop on over to Facebook and ask questions or request additions to the membership! 

This is an ever growing membership and I cannot wait to see you in there!