5 Mistakes people make when they start a healing garden and how you can avoid them!

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Imagine this...you have decided to grow a medicinal herb garden. You over the moon with excitement. Creating a list, making a plan, dreaming of all the fantastic remedies you’ll make with the herbs you grow. Then BAM! It hits you, you have no idea what you are doing and you are going to screw this up!


The only unfixable mistake is not starting!  

But as you start you are bound to make a few mistakes so today I’m going to warn you about the 5 most common mistakes I see happen when people set out to start there healing herb garden. 

People forget to plan 

If your only focus is making herbal medicine, and you rush to plant whatever you can, wherever you can you are making a big mistake. I promise you, you will be sadly disappointed if you don’t plan first.

You need to understand the plants you are working with, the soil you are working with and the space you have to grow in. Creating a lovely (sometimes colorful) layout of where you’ll plant your herbs along with notes on what you’re working with, will set you up for a successful herb garden.

The giant herb list 

There are so many herbs out there...how is anyone supposed to pick just a few?

The list gets soo long, soo quick! And you just have to have them all! This is probably the biggest mistake people make. It takes time and focus to begin using the herbs you grow and when people start with too many they become overwhelmed and give up.  

Missing the big picture 

There is so much more to growing herbs than just the plants you are growing. Missing the forest for the trees (or the garden for the herbs) is a common mistake new backyard herbalists make. You have to take care of the whole garden or your herbs will struggle. This doesn’t add much more work but the extra work will make your garden successful. For a successful herb garden that leads to beneficial remedies you need to nurture and understand the environment where your herbs grow. You have to see the whole picture. 

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Messing up the harvest 

When all the above mistakes join or even just one or two of them get together herbs suffer. Ok that’s a bit dramatic but harvesting herbs is the part everyone dreams of when they grow medicinal herbs and when that dream falls flat it’s tragic...ok dramatic again...moving on.

When you don’t know what or how you’re harvesting, you mess up the harvest. When you grow too many herbs you don’t have time to harvest and process all the herbs and you mess up the harvest. When you grow too many herbs in a small space you don’t even get much of a harvest and you guessed it, the harvest is messed up. This is a sad mistake.

When you plan ahead and take time to know understand the herbs you are working with you won’t mess up the harvest. Also not all herbs need harvested right away but could use a little pruning love so keep this in mind.  

Missing a season

Life has many seasons and so does the garden. There are seasons for rest, seasons for growth and season’s for planning. Mistaking winter as a season for complete rest sets you back more than you know.

Winter is a lovely time to sit back and enjoy the herbs you’ve harvested, practice using them during cold and flu season and creating remedies when it’s not too hot to cook in the kitchen. Winter is also a great time to start your garden. It’s time to look back on things you want to change and start planning for you spring garden. Rest is important but being prepared is equally important.

How can you avoid these mistakes? 

To avoid the unfixable mistake you have to start!

To avoid the rest of the mistakes you have to get help.

Research and planning are key to avoiding these mistakes. I’ve also created something else that can help. The Grow Your Healing Garden course will help you avoid all of these mistakes and more so hop on over and check it out!